Making money from fiverr


Fiverr is one of the most famous platform of freelancing , from this site you can earn a lot of money , actually you can turn it to a real job , you can work on different things like designing or making videos or maybe translation and so many other things , in fiverr you can sell anything you can do . .


What is a fiverr gig ?


As we said before in fiverr you can sell things you can do , for example if you can draw good you can sell this service on your page in fiverr and that what its called a gig .

As a beginner you will be able to post seven different gigs for example drawing , translation , creating stores . . . ect but if you do good and sell a lot of gigs you will become a pro fiverr seller and you will be able to post more gigs also you will be trusted more from the costumers . . .


Fiverr and the affiliate program


Selling gigs and services is not the only way to earn money from fiverr , they are a lot of other ways , and from that ways we fin the fiverr affiliate marketing program , you can register in that program and your job will be inviting people to register in the site , the register should be from a special link that fiverr will give you , and once some one sign n from your link you will get money , people get a lot of money this way , the one register can reach 125 dollars per person and that is great , also you can run ads on facebook or other social media platforms using your affiliate link and one someone register you will earn money also , and running ads is one of the things that we suggest you to do cause it will make you able to reach a lot of people and that means a lot of money . . .


Most services that sell on fiverr site


People sell different services on fiverr , and those services are different , for example if you do the copywriting service and you are expert at it , you will absolutely be able to make good money , or for example programming , programming a site could be sometimes more that 1000 dollars and that is good money , but if you are a beginner we suggest you to start with designing logos or writing essays .

From the things you can sell on fiverr site also we find the voice over gigs , and that is an easy thing to do actually , all you will need is a goof microphone and an empty room and you will be able to record professional voiceovers , people need this service a lot , it is actually one of the most selling gigs in fiverr site , youtuber buy this gig a lot also teacher and people who make educational courses . . .

Also you can start with the copywriting thing , if you write perfect in any language you can sell that too , you can write books or poems . .

If you love design you can make logos or invitation cards this gig is selling a lot too in the site 

In general , you can turn fiverr site to a real daily job , think about what you can do and simply turn it to a service and post it on our fiverr page ad start earn money today 

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