Advcash: a euro dollar bank card linked to your Bitcoin

Company Profile Advance Cash

Known as AdvCash, Advanced Cash is known as an electronic wallet that makes it easy to handle money online. Similar to AlertPay and PayPal, Advanced Cash differentiates itself from other online processors with the ability to exchange bitcoins for euros, dollars, pounds and even rubles (the currency of Russia).

Once users store the change in their AdvCash account, they can spend it on purchasing goods and services online and on purchasing a prepaid card compatible with MasterCard and VISA.

About the AdvCash platform

Of Russian origin, it was launched in 2014, with its headquarters in Belize. Advanced Cash is owned by WaveCrest Holdings Limited, one of the largest online payment service providers in the world.

This company has more than 20 years of experience in the world of electronic payments and international finance. To prove its seriousness, the company has published two licenses on its online platform licensed by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize. These licenses relate to payment processing and international money transfer.

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Advcash fee

Advanced Cash offers affordable rates on its platform. For internal transfers and account loading via bank transfer, there are no applicable fees. If you use processors like Payeer, OKPAY, and PerfectMoney, the upload fee ranges from 0.5% to 4.95%.

If you use the AdvCash MasterCard to make purchases online at merchants (Leader Price, Carrefour, Auchan, etc.) then no payment fees will apply. The $ 0.99 / € rate applies when loading your MasterCard with your AdvCash balance. Each ATM withdrawal includes a fee of 1.99 €.

Advantages of AdvCash

The registration process in Advcash is very easy and requires 3 or 4 steps.

This site offers two types of prepaid MasterCard cards: the physical card and the virtual card.

Uploading an account with AdvCash can be done by transferring WIFT / SEPA (intended for users residing in Europe).

AdvCash cards are sold at a reasonable price: the virtual card is sold at 1 € / $ and the physical card is 4.99 € / $, subject to the application being submitted within 7 days after registration (passing this period, the physical card goes to $ 14.99 or 17.99 €).

This online platform does not require any monthly and yearly maintenance fees

Bitcoin is accepted as a currency.

Like Neteller, the physical AdvCash card is sent from the UK, making it easy to deliver to Europe.

It is not necessary to verify your identity before performing basic operations.

The ability to make withdrawals at all outlets that accept Visa and MasterCard.

In terms of sponsorships, it instantly allows you to benefit from 20% of the volume of transactions made via referrals.

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AdvCash disadvantages

This electronic wizard does not have a smartphone app yet.

No information has been released about the company’s directors

There is a daily transaction limit for all users, even those who have been verified. An unverified user is allowed to make a deposit of a maximum of $ 500 per day and $ 2,500 per month, but a verified user is allowed to make transactions of a maximum of $ 3,000 per day. But hey, it's okay, that's still enough!

The site is in English (and Russian, not French)

Advanced Cash lists 50 countries that are banned from its use on its online platform.

However, some users in countries and countries in the United States, Africa and the Middle East are complaining that they cannot access the various offers.

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