Why you should own animals at home !



Raising an animal at your home is a really good thing to do ,  and so many people do it all over the world , people raise cats birds dogs sometimes even hamsters or pigs , while we fing a lot of people don’t like the idea and keep asking why I should bring an animal to live in my house and if you are one of those people who ask that question then out topic today is for you . .


There are so many reasons why you suppose to own an animal at your home . .

First , Raising animals is a very good source for positive emotions you will notice you are in a good mood more often when you raise a pet . . . and According to one of the popular animal activists "Behavin Jathani", for example hugging a cat or  dog will absolutely gives you a lot of positive energy and good  emotions and it also will reduces your feelings of sadness or stress and even boredom . . and that’s not just like that but Scientifically making a communicating with animals leads to the secretion of a hormone named oxytocin that one is responsible for Relieving stress and that will make you in a good mood , it also help reduce blood pressure in the body . .


Elimination of depression and anxiety are one of the most additional advantages of raising animals in your home , and according to so many researches that made on pets owners , it showed that raising a pet help spreading unconditional love and relaxation , also animals help increasing the life span of their owners and make their owners feel happy and in a good mood almost all day long . .


Owning a per will help you not feeling lonely  cause pets are so social and communicate with their owners and set beside them all day long . .

In addition to sharing time with you , you will notice  you’re your animals will push you to communicate with other new people and give you a reason to live for them if you do not have close enough people around you . .


Owning a pet will help in improving your physical and mental health especially if you play with them a lot or even just taking them out for a long walks, and we suggest you to do this early in the mornings because of the pure natural atmosphere that well help a lot too .  .


From another side and according to a lot of medical studies , it showed that children who grow up with pets like puppies and cats are less to get affected allergies for example the asthma and these researches showed that those children have more strong immunity than kids who didn’t grew up in a house without pets . .


Owning any pet at your home will make you a better person especially at your work , it will make you feel responsibility  cause you know that you will need to pay for your food and health care so you will do your best in fact to give them all things they need cause caring for a pet has a cost of course so they will help you maintain your work and do the best in it , and that in order to collect money that guarantees saving their expenses . .

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