What you should know before raising birds !



So many people love to raise different kind of birds , but only few people know how to do that the right way , and actually raise any kind of birds is not that easy and you will need so many things to do that , and in today topic we will show you a couple of things you should know about birds . .


The place where the bird will live


 Before bring any kind of birds to your home , Try to define a specific room to that bird in order to live in it , they do not like to live in cages all the time , it depend in the kind of bird but in general just try to provide a safe space for your bird , in order to fertilize and also don’t forget to give them a chance to fly anytime they want , also take care and not put any kind of furniture inside for example like panels or wires in the place because some kind of birds will Chew anything front of them , make sure that windows and doors in your house  are closed  and also try  keep other pets away from theyour birds . . .

 Taking care of your bird health


Making a place for your new bird is not the only thing you should do , but from the most important things also is to take care about your bird health ,  so take them  to a veterinarian specialized in bird health care every time you notice something is wrong with your birds , or when something unusual happens or appear on your birds , since birds are flocked animals , they hide the symptoms of the disease when they are sick , and it is difficult to know the bird well , and to know the slight changes in their behavior , Therefore , you should communicate with the veterinarian , and because the birds will spend most of their time in the cage , you should try to secure the largest cage, and try to design it in such a way that it makes the bird safe and comfortable , and make sure that the entrance of food , good water , and easy access to it . .


The Suitable food for your birds


Before raise any bird You have to keep in mind that every bird need a specific food , not all birds eat the same thing Take care to provide suitable foods for the type of birds you have , and also make sure it is a  varied diet , with a mixture of commercial foodstuffs, and some natural foods, for example : vegetables and different kind of  fruits plus the herb seeds and green foods,  and any other suitable and safe foods for birds , also if you are used to buy food with big quantities make sure to store it in a good place , and from another hand and from the most important things too is to take care to fill food containers continuously and make sure to check it every day , so;etimes birds spoil it or clean them selves with it , so check it daily  to ensure the presence of appropriate quantities of food and water for your birds, also even if food stay there for long periods of time make sure to change water and  food in a regular basis , also avoid feeding them the chocolate or avocados, and coffee, because they are toxic substances to most kind of birds . .




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