What you don’t know about Shirazi cats !





People love to raise cats at their homes , and as we know cats have different breeds and from the famous ones we find the shirazi cats , so if you are interested in raisin a shirazi then this topic today is for you . .


The shirazi Cats belong to the family of mammals and those are  many types , the shirazi cats have an ability to  live in the environment surrounding humans that’s why  many people like to raise them at their house , they are actually one of the most common types of cats people prefer ,actually the Shirazi cats are one of the most popular types of domestic cats they are smart and nice . .


What make shirazi cats unique


The shirazi cats are clean , beautiful and easy to handle and raise those cats are known as beautiful cats , and are distinguished by their soft long and thick hair , the researches showed that the shirazi cats origin are from the country of Iran, or Persia as it known before . So that’s why some people  call the shirazi the Persian cat , it was introduced too to Italy at the end of the eighteenth century by an Italian explorer . .


The Types of Shirazi cats


What so many people don’t know is that the shirazi cats are not one type but they are actually many types for example  the moon face ones and  the Himalayas that result from mating the Siamese with a Shirazi cat , also we find the the pike face cat , this type is so special their nose is at the level of their eyes , and we find another type it’s the  haf piky one witch is a result from the mating of the monviss breed with the piqué face ones and so many other types of shirazis . .


The Characteristics of Shirazi cats


As any other breed of cats , the shirazi cats have their unique characteristics for example they are so friendly and beloved cats in families , the chirazi cats are really calm they don’t move a lot like the other breeds . .

They are actually known as the calmest types of cats , and they the chirazi cats are so polite they are also are non - aggressive cats , their paws do not come out except rarely they prefer to hide it , they are also love to sleep for really long  periods that may be more than ten hours a day , in addition to being fun , and so playful , entertaining , and a very clean cats . .


From another side The shirazi cat length can reaches about 60 cm and their weight is about 4 to 5 kg , they live about twenty years or twenty five sometimes . .

They are so unique too by their soft fur with long hair , its density increases at the shoulders and neck . .


The shirazi cats can be in any color , for example : black or  white or  smoky and Each color forms a different breed from the other . .

The shirazi have a really pretty eyes they are very large and shiny and beautiful  they are round just like the face  es the and most of the time in the same color as the fur , the shirazi have a really  short ears and their feet that covered with fur too , their nose is not protruding from the face , they have a very thick hair . .


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