Things you don’t know about The llama



They are so many kind of animals in the world , some of them still exist while so many are not exist no more like dinosaurs , also some of the animals are so popular and known for example cats or dogs while some others are not for example the llama , a lot of people in the world have no idea what a llama is and that’s why we chose to talk about this animal in our topic today . .

The llama is actually a mammal animal and it is considered as one of the types of camels ,the llama have so many different names but the most known one is the mountain ship , all llamas have a really small hooves exactly like the ones that camels have , the llama have an ability to live with humans normally because they are a really nice an social animals , also the llama is a very smart animal it have the ability to learn and master a lot of things without the need of repetition also the llama  communicates with its kind by moving the tail . .


 Where the  animal is found


The area where llamas  lives and found a lot is in mountainous especially in the high ones like Andes mountains in the South America also the ones in Peru Ecuador Chile, and Bolivia, as well as in the northwestern region of Argentina , the llama is actually a very famous animal in those countries . .


Description of llamas

As any other animal The llamas have its own weight and unique features and the length of an adult llama for example starting from one hundred to two hundred twenty five centimeters , but the height of the llama at the level of the back ranges from one hundred nine to one hundred and nineteen centimeters . .

The llama weight most of the time from one hundred to two hundred and twenty kilograms , but the small llama  

weighs just nine A kilo to fourteen kilos in the maximum . .

exactly like any camel The llama have the ability to  carry weights but only the one equivalent to 30% of its body weight , and also it can walk with the weight from eight to thirteen kilometers . .

when the llama feel tired it sits on the ground and refuse to move or do anything exactly like any camel . . also you have to keep in mind that the llamas are a very stubborn animals . .

from the unique things in llamas are the thick and soft wool, this wool is most of the time in the  brown color , it also come in orange , white , yellow or black color . .


what most of people don’t know is that the Llamas are vegan they don’t eat any kind of meat you only can feed them plants and different kind of herbs . .

the Llama reproduction


The female llama only matures at the age of one year while the male llama matures when it is almost three or fore years old in the maximum . . .

The Pregnancy period of the llama lasts three hundred and fifty days equivalent to eleven and a half months and the llama female most of the time gives birth to only one baby llama in every pregnancy , its very rare to be more than one baby . .. the female llama breastfeeds her newborn until he grows up . .

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