Things you dont know about Husky dogs



One of the most famous dog breeds in the world is the husky dogs , these kind of dogs born with a very dangerous and cheerful personality , most of the time the husky dogs have high energy , if you provide the right care for them , they can turn to a really gentle dogs , the usual size of a husky dog is between  15.8 - 27.2 kilograms , the husky dogs have a double thick coar cover their body m it can come in different colors , like gray while black or reddish brown .


The average lifespan of a husky dog is between 12 to 15 years , they have black marks on their bodies and this dog breed have an east asian origin , they are very smart and strong also polite and gentle if you take care of them the right way  . .

The  Husky dogs considered a very active , they can run or work for miles in length and for long period of time ,  the husky dogs been used from a really long tome from people , they were used in Siberia by the Eskimos people . .

A husky dog can  also used as a guardian of homes and private places  also as a companion  for individuals . .

The husky dogs are very loyal to their owners and their families they are also so smart  . .


From another hand the using of husky dogs has increased in racing due to their double weather-resistant coat that consists of two layers . .  


The Care and health of Husky dogs


Cause of The big size of husky dogs they need daily exercise that contain running and jogging in fact to keep being strong and in the right shape . . .

The husky dogs love and enjoy the cold weather , also they enjoy pulling stuffs , they love spending time outside so make sure to make your husky dog participate in outdoor activities . .

 Also you have to take care of your husky dog health , especially from the age 11 till 133 , the dog may start to suffer from several health issues like the retinal atrophy or cataracts and other eye problems , so make sure to take your dog to the doctor at last twice a month or if you feel something is wromg with him . .


How to raise a husky dog


Social inclusion of a Husky puppy is very important it will teavh the dog how to properly interact in  various environmental places . .

Allow your husky dog to to spend time with other people and animals. .

 In the age of 4 months you better place your dog in a nursery in fact to learn how to deal with other dogs . . .


 From the famous facts about the Huskies they are very independent and smart dogs  but sometimes they may be really stubborn especially if you didn’t provide them with he right care they need .

Also from another side the husky dogs love to be drived buy a specific leader try to control your dog and directing him while walking outside. .

Don’t ever hit your dog even if he didn’t do the thing you told him to do or maybe walked in the wrong direction . .


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