The smartest animals in the world !




The Camel


So many researches showed that the camel is one of the smartest animals in our planet , and that because this animal  have a really amazing ability to memorize and remember things for a really long period of time that can reach many years . .

The camel have also the ability to remember the faces of people for so many year even if they are not around him for a long period of time It is actually  the most conservative animal .



The Chimpanzee


Almost all people knows how smart are the chimpanzees they actually Classifies as the second smartest animal on the earth , that animal have an ability to understand the humans language when you speaks with him, also the chimpanzees are the most animal that  can adapt to the environment in he they live easily , if you raise him at your home he will act like a part of the people in there . .


The  characteristics of a chimpanzee


Thos animal is just another type of monkeys he is just larger and more  strong with a slightly lowered body . .

The shampanzee is covered with a long brown or black hair and the color of his face is in pink color most of the time , but it turns to the black color as he ages . .

Chimpanzees eat anything available for example the fruits or  leaves ,hazelnuts , honey , eggs , and even tree bark or birds , or small insects . .

The chimpanzee  lives in the forests especially  near water and other animals also the chimpanzees can be found in mountains especially the ones are full of trees or herbs . . It is also the most human-like animal in the evolutionary ladder . .


The Dolphins


What a lot of people don’t know id that Dolphins have the longest recorded social memory in animals , a dolphin have the ability to recognize the whistling sound of even  after a really long period of time  than can reach more than 15 or 20 years , also a lot studies shown that every dolphin have its own whistling sound that is different than other dolphins whistling sound and they also have the ability to recognize each other by sound and that Because the human faces can change over time , but the whistling sound of dolphins does not change over many years . . .


The elephants


Elephants too are one from the smartest animals in the earth , they actually have the largest brains of all the mammals . .

The brain weight of adult elephants is from 4 to 5 kilograms or more , even if the size of the brain is not actually  a measure of judgment of the animal's intelligence cause they are a lot of animals that have big brains but are not so smart , elephants also have a great ability to remember things and events and even faces or voices , they also have the ability to feel  hate against those who have hurt them , they also can remember the actions of people who hurted them even after a really long periods of time . .


The Octopus


Octopus is actually one of the smartest non-invertebrate animal on planet and that what a lot of people have no idea about , also its brain and eyes are the most developed among all other invertebrates . .

This animal have a big ability to focus its eyesight accurately, and it can also adapt to the change of light .  and Through the thousand of researches of scientists they discovered that the octopus that a big ability to find different ways to reach its goals for example  opening a jar to reach its food .


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