The most powerful predators !




The Great White Shark


The great white shark is in the first place in the list of the most powerful predators in the world ,  It is a very strong animal and  he is a skilled swimmer who can jump quickly from the water To surprise his prey .

This animal have rows of sharp teeth that are distinguished by their ability to grow again if they fall, and scientists estimate the number of teeth that have sprouted to him during his life by more than 50 thousand Where the white shark attacks its prey with one quick and swift bite with its strong jaws, and then waits until the prey weakens, affected by the wound it has suffered . .


The lion  

lions comes in  the second place in the list of the most powerful animals on earth , their strength lies in the hunting method that they adopt, which is Team hunting means that Lions are a very  social animals that live within a herd , and they practice collective hunting, so that each member of the team performs his role to the fullest. Therefore, lions begin to teach the cubs different hunting skills early on through playing, and despite the effectiveness of the method used by lions to hunt, they succeed in their task once out of every five attempts, and this loss is compensated for by the large size of prey.


 Killer whale


as its name suggests this fish is a well-deserved predator It combines physical ability and great skill in hunting What makes him one of the most diverse predators that live in water in his diet, and killer whales are distinguished by their reliance on collective hunting and their use of ingenious hunting strategies, as they surround the ice blocks on which penguins or seals stand, and knock the piece of ice Until its prey falls into the water, and then hastens to devour it, as it can overtake the animal that occupies the first place in our list, namely the great white shark And that's when you attack him in large numbers.



 The Grizzly bear

It named too the brown bear and he is a very huge predator weighs more than 900 pounds and he can reaches seven feet in length, and has strong limbs and claws so sharp that it can kill a man with one blow, in addition to His strong jaws, and his great speed in running, which may reach 50 miles per hour, in addition to his skill in swimming, and specialists often advise who wanders in the wilderness with one advice that may be the reason for his survival if he encountered a gray bear on his way, and is resisting, Stand still without making the slightest movement.

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