The most powerful animals in the world !




THE scientists have put a lot of several rules that must be taken when we choose the strongest animals in the world because there are  a lot of different types of animals in our world . .

some of those animals are the largest or the fastest and among them we find too the most patient , and in our article today we will discuss the strongest animals in our world . .


The blue whale


This animal ranks first as the strongest animal in the world for so many reasons , firstly cause of its very large size also the blue whale  have tremendous ability ,  he is able easily to push a big boat to the sky with a small movement from only its tail , wow isn’t that perfect  . .

The African Elephant


One of the largest animals in the world is The African elephant it is popular with its gigantic size and also high intelligence , yes this kind of elephants are really smart . . It can weighs more than thirteen thousand pounds also the African elephant  length can reach the thirteen feet , and its ivory tusks weigh a hundred pounds also its length reaches more than eight feet he use it for digging or to defend his self , or to move different things . .

the African elephant body contain hundred thousand of different muscles this animal is really strong it is strong to the point of taking off a whole tree from its roots easily, from the most unique things about the african elephant too is that he have a really strong sense of smell even a lot of  times more than the sense of the smell of cats or dogs and that  helps him a lot to know the location of the enemy . .


the Gorillas


the gorillas are so strong  and they considered onr of the strongest animals in the world they have long arms , their weight may reach up to five hundred pounds and it have the ability to be increased to six or seven hundred pounds , the gorillas strength exceeds nine or ten times that an adult human being  , this animal have the ability to left  a weight up to a thousand pounds in only one hand , the gorillas have two fangs  that are up to two inches long , the gorilla can also reach a speed of twenty to twenty five  miles in just one hour . .


 The tiger


The tiger is one of the strongest too , the weight of the tiger may reach five hundred and eighty pounds , and the height is more than four feet . .


The grizzly bear


The grizzly bear is so strong too he is six and a half feet long when become an adult , his  weight can be more than seven hundred pounds , its claws range from two to five  inches and with it he  able  to easily tear its prey . .

One of the most unique things about this bear is that he  go into hibernation from five to six months every year and during this period he dont  eats at all . .


The  Anaconda

It is actually  the largest snake on the face of our planet , especially the  African anaconda .  .

The anaconda weighs can reach more than five hundred pounds and it  moves in the water more quickly than it moves on the land . .

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