The biggest animals in the world !



Here are so many big animals in the world , some of them doesn’t exist no more for example like dinosaurs , and in our topic today we are going to talk about some of the biggest animals in the world . .


The blue whale


The blue whale is considered one of the biggest and large animals in the world at all, the blue whale have a scientific name ‘’ Balaenoptera musculus ‘’ the age of the blue whale is estimated at an age ranging from 80 to 90 years , the weight of this amazing animal may reach the  180,000 kilograms and the blue whale length most of the time is more than thirty meters long ,  these animals live deep in the ocean , what so many people don’t know about the blue whale is there are one of the fastest swimming animals in the world . .


The elephant


Elephants are one of the big animals too , they  belongs to the mammalian class and they also have a famous scientific name  ‘’ Elephantidae ‘’ , the elephant eat herbs and they live  almost about 70 years especially the African elephant cause they are so many types , for example the Asian elephant lives only about sixty years , and the weight of them are different too , the  African elephant is between 2250 to 6350 kg  and its length ranges between 2.4 to 4 meters but the Asian elephant is between 2000 to 4990 kg and its length  between two to three meters only , elephants live in grasslands or in savannas and forests . .

The  Giraffe


The giraffe is so popular by its long height that it can reach more than  19 feet sometimes ; and that’s equivalent to six meters almost , the giraffe is actually the tallest animal on earth now , they live in savannah lands or in the open forests actually in places where the they is so many trees in order to eat from it  these beautiful animals  are considered threatened with extinction because of  the destruction of their natural habitat in large quantities and giraffes lives more than  25 years . .




The polar bear


The polar bear is one of the big animals on earth now , this animal length may reach nearly nine to ten  feet , its exactly About 2.7 meters , their weight  may reach the 800 kilograms , the polar bear lives in southern Alaska in the united states . . Polar bears are at the top of the food chain in the bio-rich Arctic region their diet are depend most of the time on seals but that doesn’t mean that they don’t eat other stuffs like meat and meal . . .


A hippo


This animal is not so popular and not all people have information about it , its actually one of the largest animals on earth now and only  A baby hippo weighs can reach 1000 pounds exactly half a ton , it’s the size of a small truck , the mature hippo can reach 14 feet , this animal spent most of his life inside water , it’s the hippo favorite place to be in . .

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