That’s why you need to raise a hamster !




Hamster is an animal that so many people love to raise at their homes  , he is an animal from the rodent family , hamsters look a lot like mouse  they have a warm fur on their body and its color varies from one to another , they are brown black white grey hamsters and some people love to  raise it as a pet in the house . .

There are so many stores that sell hamsters , those animals like any other animals they need good care and attention to remain playful and in a good health .  .

From another hand you have to be careful when you hold a hamster cause it can randomly bite you for no reason , its an animal in the end so just be careful especially if you have children . .

The hamsters change its behavior from time to time depends on how you treat them , they may hide all the time if they don’t feel safe . .



Prepare a suitable place and house


If you are going to brig a hamster to your house you will need to prepare a suitable [lace for him , first you will need to choose the right cage It must be medium in size its  the place where he sleeps and the place of water and food for him so make sure its comfortable and big enough , you will also need a wheel toy suitable for his size to have fun with cause hamsters love wheels a lot .

Just make sure to Put the cage in a safe place, do not put it next the window or something cause the hamsters move a lot and you don’t want your hamster to fall from the window . .

 ,also  make sure to find a quiet place free of any other pets for example dogs or cats to avoid fights between them . .

Make sure there is enough food and water and check it in a daily basis this is so important . .

You also must pay attention to  the hamster's presence to ensure the safety and security of the cage in which he is  . .

Don’t forget to Put some wood shavings on the floor of the cage, so that it is soft and warm for your hamster to sleep and sit . .



Give your hamster a lot of food  , hamsters are from the animals that like to eat and preserve at the same time so don’t surprise if you find a hidden quantity of food under the wood shavings or  in the hamster  mouth . .

One of the most important things is to Always provide water in the cage Hamsters drink a lot of water . .

About the food you can Buy hamster food from pet stores . Put it on the floor of the cage and hide it in the corners and toys.


How to choose a hamsters

Choose a hamster in good health and you can know that by its clean ears  its dryness from the bottom also the stomach is round and small and make sure there are no bald spots or lumps on its body cause if there is he might be a sign of some diseases . .

The  eyes should be bright and clean and all these things must be confirmed before you choose your hamster . .

Also pay attention to the size of the hamster you wants to own . .



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