Take your cat to a veterinarian If you see this symptoms!





Cats are from animals that people love to raise at their homes  , there are exactly like humans and other living creatures they can be sick and suffer from many health problems , and if you are a cat owner you should care about your cat health and making sure your cat is ok and that by taking her to the doctor at last once a month , there are so many diseases that can affect the cats health and from the most popular cat diseases are the following ones :





Cat eye sight can be affected by time , yes Cats can become blind its actually a disease that is difficult to detect or pay attention to it quickly ,  Because cats don’t show it and keep using other senses to adapt like hearing and touching  and they also depend on their mustache to discover things around them .


the Causes of blindness in cats :


there are a lot of causes of this disease for example , the presence of glaucoma in the eyes . .


the Old age , when cats get older the chances of this disease become bigger too .

different Disorders  that affect the retina . .

The presence of tumors in the eye can lead to blindness . . the Kidney and thyroid problems . .

The High pressure also is so dangerous and it can lead to a very rapid loss of vision . .



The Arthritis


What most of cat owners don’t know is that cats can also have arthritis . .

And you can find out  when your cat is unable to move normally and that  a result of the presence of pain in the joints in her body . .

The Causes of arthritis injury :

 Aging is one of the most popular causes of that disease . .

An injury or accident can also lead to arthritis with time . .


The Symptoms of injury :


 Difficulty to move properly . . or  Trying to move a lot and that  In order to warm the joints . .


 The arthritis disease gets worse with time and also  in cold and humid weather . .

The disease Treatment :


If you notice that your cat have this problem you can try to warm the cat joints using any method . .

If your cat is over weight try to Reduce the weight of the cat but only a little bit to relieve the pressure on the joints . .

You have to your cat to a veterinarian in order To prescribe the appropriate and right medication for your cat  especially the anti-inflammatory drugs they are so useful and effective . . .


Flu or influenza



The Influenza Symptoms :

Cats can have flu too especially at cold times and that lead to A runny nose with tears in the eye . .

The sneezing and refuse to eat or Not eating  enough food . Infections in the cat mouth especially the tongue . .


The Treatment :


You have to  make sure that both eyes and nose of your cat  are clean if not clean it nicely using wet cotton balls . .

put your cat in a room with good air and sun ventilation . . .

Clean the cat's scalp on a daily basis .To get rid of any germs or dirt . .

 Feed your sick cat  warm food for example sardines, and try to make her inhale warm steam to relieve the cold . .

But even that start to work you should take your cat to the veterinarian . .

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