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Most popular cat breeds!




Cats are from the most popular animals , and humans discovered cats in  nearly more than 9,000 years ago . cats have two strong senses , the smell and the hearing they are also able to see in the dark . they sleep almost from  13 to 14 hours every day,  some of cats may sleep more than that till 20 hours un fact to back their energy,  cats prefers to sleep in sunny places caus they really enjoys the heat . .


The most famous cat breeds


 There are a lot of cat breeds all over the world , but the most famous ones are these  breeds :

The Siamese cat : this brand of cats are characterized by some specific signs for example  ears tail or feet . Some of the Siamese cats do not have these sings, for example we find a lot of  Siamese cats have a tail that ends with a knot . Some other ones have an apple like head or a skinny chubby body, some other types  have a larger head . . . ect

The Persian Cat : for usual this kind of cats have a beautiful and nice face , they  also have other names like the Iranian cats , or the Shirazi cats because they named after an Iranian city called shiraz , the Persian cats are famous with their long and fluffy beautiful fur , that come in different colors in every cat , those cats does not have a specific or special color,  you can find them in almost all colors . . .

The Maine Coon cat : this one is so popular , the came in large size with a really thick fur , most of the time they are brown in color but they come in other different colors like grey or black . they  have an extra toe that increases the foot size , that toe is the one that helps the cat hunt when it snows . . .

 The Ragdoll Cat : they are so famous also , these kind of cats loves to relax a lot , they have a special personality that similar to dogs personality , the ragdoll cats love to chase its owners around the house , and they look a lot like the Siamese cats in the long fluffy fur and colored eyes. . .

the Bengal cat : this cat name come from the Bengal tiger , they are between a domestic cat and an Asian tiger . these cats are special with their fluffy fur and wild appearance , but even that the Bengal cats are domestic cats . . .

Abyssinian cat : they have a unique special fur , where one hair in their fur is different and colored in a light color and the other one is darker,   those cats most of the time have red and orange fur and that what make them so special . . . .

The yellow.Berman cat : these kind of cats looks a lot like the Siamese one , they have blue eyes and a short fur. . .


The Shorthair cat : also it looks a lot like the Siamese ones , but it is different from them when it comes to the eyes color , their eyes color most of the time is green , they also have a fluffy short  fur . . .

The Pharaonic cat : this breed of cats are so social and active most of the time , they have no fur cover their bodies , it is actually one of the most famous and popular cats in the world .

Scottish Fold Cat : the special part in these cats is that they born with straight ears they have a very short fur, they are social nice and so popular also . .



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