Most famous types of birds !



So many people in the world love birds and raise them at home, and there are so many  kinds of birds  , and   If you are one of those people who think about raising a bird but have no idea witch one to choose or you just want information about them. , in our topic today we will talk about different types of them . .


The Habits of birds

There are so habits of birds that make them special and unique from other animals, Among these habits we find :

-         The Tweeting, only birds make this sound in order to attract female birds for mating , you will notice that some kind of birds have a disturbing tweet voice , but if it is about mating they will try their best to make them soft and not disturbing . .

-         Spinning is a habit that birds do too , especially from the ones that have a long feathers with beautiful colors for example as the peacock he try to folds his feathers in the form of a fan in order to attract female peacocks . .


-         Giving Gifts , believing or not but not only humans give gifts to each other but birds do too , we find that the male birds keep giving  gifts to the female ones and that by bringing them food all day , and most of the time  the female bird eats the food directly from the other bird beak , or for example sometimes the birds keep bringing sticks together all day in order to start  the building of their nest . .


-         It is a kind of Friendship for birds  and it comes before mating and it’s the period which the female and male birds get to know each other in order to  know that they choose the right pair for them selves .



The Bird species

Like we sais earlier, there are more than ten thousand species of birds or maybe even more than that , some of those kinds can not fly despite the presence of wings and feathers but they still birds , for example the ostriches, the kiwis, or penguins, and other ones , and we will talk about some types of birds . .


-         The Goldfinch: It belongs actually from  finches family , and it feats  insects and grains they are actually their preferred food . they have a head in black, its body is so  dark too  , its beak is solid, and its beak has red edges . . this kind of birds  lives usually in forests or wide  gardens . .

-         The Swan: The swan have a very large body and small-range legs . . It feeds on insects and grains too and this bird tends to live in warm areas . . the swans walk so slow have slow but when it comes to flying they have the ability to fly so  easily . .

-         The Peacock: it is one of the most famous birds , the researches showed that the peacock origins is from brazil or America but others said its an asian bird , This bird is characterized by his big beauty he have a very long feathers and has bright and attractive colors . .


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