Most famous dog breeds in the world





A lot of people like to own animals , some of them love to own birds either at their home or farm , some other people prefer cats or horses , and we find a huge part of people love to raise dogs , but dogs are different kinds and breeds ,  and if you are one of those people who are interested in dogs ,  then today topic is for you , we will talk about the most famous dog breeds in the world . .







The American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo Dog is one of the most famous dog breeds , it known for its beauty , this kind of dogs comes usually in bright white color with black eyes , the American Eskimo dog is so energetic and gentle dog especially if you provide him with the right care , they are also a very smart animals , it’s a family animal and that what so many people don’t know , yes you can raise an American Eskimo dog in your house , the weight of a small American Eskimo dog is from 4  to 13 kilograms . .


The Afghan Hound dog


 This is another special and unique breed , is called the Afghan Hound , he have a medium size,  his height at the shoulders part  is usually from  63.5 –to  68.5 cm   ,the weight of the afghan hound dog is between 22 to 27 Kilogram , this kind of dogs is famous with their longnes , they also come in so many different colors, the afghan hound dog  always considered one of the noble Afghan dog  breeds . . .

The afghan dog needs a special and a regular training sessions , the also famous with their long silky hair that also needs a constant care. . .


The Akita dog


The akita dogs are really unique and special breed too , they come in medium size the height of the male akita dog is from 66 to 71 cm , and the female akita is from 66 to 71 ,  from another hand , the weight of the akita dog male is from  34 to 58 kg , while the akita dog females is from  31 to 45 kg . .

The akita dog breed usually used in hunting a lot , they used to hunt different kind of animals for example pigs bears or deers sometimes birds especially the big sized ones . .

 The akita dogs are very strong and aggressive , they have a double thick colored hair and a velvet tail , they come in so many different colors , especially the dark grey or white . .



Doberman Pinscher


This is a very famous breed of dogs , who don’t know the Dobermans , they are a very friendly dogs they are small in size , about their prices range it is usually start from  200 to 700 but its different from a country to another ,  This type of dogs are very energetic , they are also so smart and gentle . . .


The german shepherd dog

This type of dogs are very pure species , the german shepherd dos is a very loyal and smart dog m they are also so friendly , the german shepherd dog is actually a family dog that can be raised at home , they come in different colors especially the brown . . the price of a new born german shepherd dog is between 200 to 400 dollars . . .


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