Insane facts you should know about your cat!


- So many people loves to raise cats at their homes but most of them don’t know a lot of things about cats , and if you are one of those people who think about having a cat in the future then this topic is for you . .


-         All cat breeds have thirty two muscles in their outer ears . .

-         Cats  Do not distinguish the sweet taste of food , and that is why they refuse to eat sweet things . . .

-          cats have three eyelids in their eyes . . .

-         from another side , cats have more than a hundred different vocal tones and they are all different from each other , what make them even more special . .


-         also if you are going to raise a cat you have to know that they can not digest lactose so don’t try to feed them for example milk or dairy products in general . .


-          you have also to know that Cats  live around thirty five years to forty in the maximum . .


-         Cats are a very clean animals actually , a cat clean her self several time a day and that by licking her fur . . .


-         cats have  a visual acuity at night and that is six times more than human beings . .


-         A crazy fact you should also know about cats, In the republic of China the cat meat is one of the most delicious types of meat and they serve it normally in so many restaurants , if you think about taking your cat to chine , think again  . .


-         Cats have a very flexible body that help them jump from high places without being hurt or getting injuries . .


-         One of the facts a lot of people don’t know about carts , its that they are  a very intelligent animals, they also have great speed of spontaneity . .


-         Cats can know when you are angry , also they know the tone of happiness of fear really well . .


-          The sense of hearing is very sharp in cats , unlike most animals , they have the ability to hear high-frequency sounds , that can be more than about sixty five kilohertz . . .


-         Cats are averse to the scent of citrus fruits for example like oranges or lemon . .


-         From another side Cats have thirty teeth . .

 and cats milk teeth are normally replaced by permanent ones when they grow up . . .

-         Cats have a heart rate of a hundred and ninetyfive beats and that per minute , and cats do breathes between twenty to forty times in a minute . .


-         Another fact about that Cats have the ability to have a dream , and this is actually one of the cool and amazing things that cats share with humans , they also dream exactly like human beings ,  as they dream like humans dream,  because the cats brains also produce the same pattern of waves that the human being brain produces while they are sleeping  . .


-         Another facts about cats that they sleep for a long period of time in fact to back their energy , a cat need from 10 to 15 hours of sleep everyday and maybe more , and that depend on the cat age . .


-         From the funny things or facts about cats is that they habe a very complicated and complex language , they also have the ability to make a lot of different voices and sounds in order to communicate with other animals or with human beings . .


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