Horse breeds you never heard of !



Definition of a horse


The horse is known by the scientific name (Equus ferus caballus), and there are so many different kinds of horses but people only know few of their races , and cause of that we decided to talk about different horse breeds . .


Horse Main Breeds :

The Horse breeds can be divided into 3 main breeds and that Depend on the horse size and shape , and they are : light breeds , heavy breeds , and dwarf breeds . .


The Light Breeds

The Light Horses get their name from their use in light work , we usually find those kind of horses used for riding or pulling carts ‘’ only the light size ones” .

Those horses origin is the regions of the Middle East and North Africa , those places are the main home for these horses , and from among the most famous  light breeds are the following ones :


The  Arabian horses  , for example :  Turkoman horses , Thoroughbred Horses or Akhal-Teke horses , and so many others . . .

 Most of The American horses Breeds also from light category .  . And so many others such as : the German Holstein horses and Andalusian horses . .


Heavy horses Breeds

When we say Heavy breeds we always mean the large horses . . they are tall strong and over sixed and Some of these horse  breeds can  reach a height of almost 162.6 cm and maybe more than that , most of those horses were used in the middle ages for agricultural and for loading purposes , people used them before but they stop after when tractors were invented , also from another hand we should note that most of the horses of heavy breeds are threatened with extinction . . .

And from  The most famous horse of these breed we find  the English Shire horse this kind of horses are so big and strong and smart also and it actually considered the largest horse in the whole world . .


The Dwarf horses breeds


This category of horses is really unique and special , The dwarf horses have another name too , its Ponies , they are famous and characterized by their really small size , their height is of less than 147 cm in maximum  . . .

Those kind of horses are non-Arab horses , they are known by their dark skins, crests and the plump tails. . their origin is fro either India, Manila or Argentina , and the most famous ones of them are : Welsh horses, and Dartmoor horses




The most famous horse breeds in the world


The most famous horses in the world are the following :

The Arabian horse : This horse belongs to the light breed his origin is  from the Arabian Peninsula , this horse known by the shape of its head and its high erect tail , people using this breed for riding in competitions or Dressing horses


 The Quarter Horse : It is also from the light breed, this kind is so famous and popular in the United States of America , and it is one of the fastest breeds in crossing short distances . . That is why it is used in various horse races . .


The Morgan horse : this one belongs to the light breed too ,  it is one of the oldest Breeds in usa , its size is small  ,and  it is a good choice for riding and mobility. . .


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