The strongest animal bite .









The hippo animal is considered one of the strongest animals on earth because of the strong bite it possesses, as its bite measures about 120 kilograms, and the mouths of these animals are filled with teeth . Although the hippo is a plant-eating animal, it can attack animals  humans .


the jaguar

is a tiger and he have the second strongest bite among mammals, and it is one of the strongest bites compared to other big cats, his bite is enough to pierce a skull and brain, and tigers feed on preying animals by biting their head . .


the Gorilla


Gorilla has a strong bite of about 80 .000 kilograms, and the gorilla bite is considered strong because of the strength of the neck muscles, and the use of gorilla's jaws has been adapted to chew hard and strong plants . .


Crocodiles have the strongest bite


Crocodiles have the strongest bite ever among animals, as a recent study by the fossil biologist Gregory Erikson and his colleagues found that all 23 species of living crocodiles were used in a test to measure bite strength, and the results showed that the water crocodiles had reached the strength of their jaws .

the White shark

 The white shark is considered one of the most powerful animals that can attack humans because it is bloody, and it has strong and dangerous teeth that do not need additional force to tear prey because its barbed teeth possess a biting force of about 50 000 kilograms . .

Mastiff dogs


The mastiff dog is considered one of the largest dogs in the world, possessing a strong bite , the weight of this dog exceeds 90  kilograms, and these dogs have been used for fighting and entertainment since ancient times due to their large size and strong jaw . .



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