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If you are a dog owner or a dog lover that think about bringing a dog to your house soon , there are a lot of things you have to knew , especially about what you are going to feed your dog , you have to provide a good rich diet in order to keep your dog in good health and shape , and cause that so important we chose to talk in our topic today about dog food . .


The Natural foods

 Most of people thing that natural foods are not for dogs and that’s a very big mistake There are a lot safe and useful natural foods for dogs , and in the list below some of them :


Carrots : can be a good choice for dogs to eat either way cooked or raw ,  it is a good source of minerals and  fibers and also vitamins , which makes it a really  healthy food for your dog , and we suggest you to cut it into small  pieces  To avoid your to be choked .

The  Peanut butter: is considered a very good choice too its very healthy food for dogs , just make sure to give your dog reasonable quantities of it , because it contains large amounts of fats that may make your dog gain weight ,  also pay attention to the amounts of salt added to it to avoid harming your dog  . .

 Cooked eggs : eggs is a very a safe food for dogs ,  it contains all the minerals and vitamins that are important for your dog health , it also contain  protein ,  just make sure to cook eggs before feed it to your dog  to avoid the dog have some kind of   diseases for example the salmonella . . .


Salmon fish : Cooked salmon fishes are a good healthy food for your dog , it is a good big  source of omega 3 acids,  just make sure to cook fish enough before feeding it to your  dog to avoid the risk of poisoning him . .

Watermelon:  the  Watermelon is a safe food for dogs it is low in calories and in the same time very rich in nutrients and vitamins like  vitamin A and vitamin C . . .


Some vegetables and fruits

Your dog dies should also contain some Vegetables and fruits because they are rich sources of fiber and  minerals and vitamins ,  for example the potatoes even sweet potatoes, apples, oranges, strawberries, corn, coconut, bananas, cooked rice, broccoli, mango and others . .


 Manufactured or commercial foods


 These kind of foods are made to meet all the  needs of the dogs , even id the dog do not want to eat them sometime foods but you have to find a smart what to feed it to them , for example you can mix it with your dog favorite ,  they contain most of the necessary nutrients due to the variety of products that go into their manufacture , like the grains vegetables meats and fruits plus  vitamins with  the basic minerals . .


-         One of the most important thing about this kind of food is you have to make sure you read  the information that’s  printed on the sides of the food boxes . .

 Forbidden foods

dogs can eat anything you give  them, but be careful cause  there is Some foods that should be avoided cause it may destroy their health and you don’t want that to happen , such as : the chocolate, the grapes, Raisins, nuts, or foods containing caffeine, foods containing xylitol also is bad for your dog , such as chewing gum or some sweets . .

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