Animals that may disappear soon from earth.


Our Planet is very rich with different kinds of animals , some of those animals are present in large numbers in our world , and some others are threatened with extinction and annihilation , and for more information you have to know that  more than seven hundred and twenty types of animals threatened with extinction around our  world , and the big part of these animals are found in the tropics and developing countries , and unfortunately there are many animals that It became extinct before zoologists even discover it witch is very sad . .


different reasons for the extinction of some animals


There are so many reasons behind the extinction of animals on earth , for example the climate changes that play a big role in that and it made a lot of kinds of animals disappeared , also we find the inability of these animals to adapt to the new atmosphere also some of them cannot adapt to predation and competition relationships and that also may be one of the most important reasons for their exposure to extinction , also a big problem that lead to extinction of animals is the human intervention is considered Passive hunting or logging or urban encroachment is one of the most important reasons behind the extinction of some types of animals . .


The most famous animal threatened with extinction


The Kiwi bird

The kiwi bird is actually one of the most beautiful birds on earth and it is threatened with extinction , the kiwi is one of the important animal in the New Zealand country , it is the animal that symbolizes it and expresses its nationality , and actually new aeeland is the origin of the kiwi bird , that bird is a non-flying animal cause he have no wing but he have a very long and strong feet , which helps that bird to quickly run and escape dangerous places , it is actually  the only thing it have to defend his self, he also  so beautiful and have a soft feathers cover his body . .

the female kiwi bird  lays her eggs in the nests hidden among the herbs as any other kind of birds , and the male kiwi is the one who takes care of the eggs and lies on them for a period of time . . .




The Flying Fox

Only few people have an idea about this animal and he is too one of the kinds that may disappear forever from our world , It is considered one of the animals endangered , and in all our planet now  there are only seventy live animals of flying fox and that is so bad , this animal origins found on the island of Rodriguez in the Indian Ocean . .


The Jungle turtle


Yes believe it or not but that kind of turtles too may disappear forever from earth , They are considered one of the animals threatened with extinction too and people don’t realize that , for information after the process of logging forests increased in their environment  there are only a thousand of jungle turtles in the slopes of the Andes in Colombia . .

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