Things you should know before rising a dog.



Providing basic dog supplies


 Dogs cannot be raised without  providing the necessary supplies for them , for example a dog needs a neck collar that help identifies the dog's identity m it is a very necessary supply m it also will help if your dog get lost , also the bowls of food and water are so important if you are going raise a god buy them early , from another hand those chew toys also is important for your dog , buy him one at last it help him not feeling bored , make your dog a place where he will  sleep it absolutely  must be provided  . .


Maintaining the health of your dog


So many resources said that Dogs can be raised better if they raised at home it is better for their health, also your dog need to be taken to a veterinarian almost every month , especially if it is a puppie he should be presented to the veterinarian during the first six months of his life to Obtain the basic vaccines he needs , also in the same time the veterinarian will be able to  identify any other potential health problems  your dog may have , and he will take care of him in a better way of course .

From another side the American Nutrition Officials Association recommends that every dog owner need to make sure of their dog food and that  the food meets the special needs and requirements of their dog , also you need need to make sure to provide your dog with fresh water at all times of the day , also don’t forget that dogs can be fed a lot of times Daily and that is  according to age of the dog of course , like the Dog age and brand . . . ect

For example a  6-12 weeks old dog , need four meals every day . Dogs from 3-6 months old need 3 meals a day .

 Dogs from 6-12 months old need two meals a day .



Training the dog to obey commands


 Your dog must be trained to obey the voice commands so he can improve his behavior , and that can be done with a couple of exercises ,  these exercises can be started by making the time sessions very short especially at the beginning so the dog wont feel bored , at last about five minutes in a session , also make sure to choose only one command each time you teach your dog , then you can move on to the  other commands, where you can start to teach  your dog words for example words like  “no” or “stop.”


Also don’t forget to Train your dog to not to bite people or other dogs or animals , actually its one of the most important thimgs to be teaches to  The dog  and that because dogs , especially the small one puppies , begin in an early age to explore things around them through their mouth , and that why you will find them always buting stuffs don’t be angry cause it is so normal , and he will try to bite and chew everything he sees . just be quit and calm and Tell him nicely to not bite thing also   give him a chew toy in the same time , this method will teach and help him to  link his biting behavior to the toys instead of other animals or stuffs , for example . . .

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