How you Raise cats the right way ?



 Raising a cat have a lot of psychological and social benefits, including  for example reducing e stress, which leads to a feeling of relaxation and satisfaction . Feeling  energetic and youthful , and an increased sense of responsibility towards others . . .


How to take care of cats


raising a cat is a pleasure for so many people, but to do that you will need to provide many things , including the following stuffs .

  Nutrition :

 A good diet must be provided for your cat but that always depends on so many factors for example the age of the cat , the cat activity level also health, and for better results see a veterinarian cause he will help in determining the right and best suitable diet for your cats . .

 Also your cat must have pure and clean water throughout the day, and do not forget the continuous washing of the water bowl that the cat drink from and make sure to keep it clean .

If you notice on your cat any signs of diarrhea or maybe a  loss of appetite or vomiting and it did not go away for more than  days it is so  necessary to see a doctor to find out the causes and treat it .


Cleanliness :


Cats have a big ability to maintain their cleanliness for a very long  period of time , but even that make sure to clean them continuously and regularly at last twice a week , which maintains their general cleanliness, and also it helps in reducing their hair loss . .

How to carry cats :


 To carry cats in the right way make sure to place one hand behind the cat's front legs and the other hand at the cat  back, taking into account avoiding carrying the cat by the neck or front legs only.

Warning :

In fact  To keep your cat from dangerous things for example the diseases,  the danger of other animals like dogs or the dangers of  cars always watch your cat and put her in safe places . .


 The Litter boxes :

 in fact To maintain the house clean buy a litter boxes for your cats to make them able to eliminate their need safely and also cleanly and we  advise to put the box in an  easily accessible place .


The Identification card :

For more safety for your cats especially If you take the cat for a walk outside so much , we advice to wear the cat  an identification card that will somehow guarantees the return of it  if it loss . . .

Healthy habits when raising a cat is so important , to keep away the the risk of transmitting any diseases or viruses to people who deal with cats , and for those healthy habits when raising them, make sure Wash your hands with soap and water when you touch your  cats , or playing with them , also make sure to   Clean up her litter box almost every day and keep it always clean . Wear gloves while cleaning for cats . . .

Make sure also to Keep your cats indoors and keep them away from other animals to protect them . . . .

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