Revamin Stretch Mark

What to expect?

Revamin Stretch Mark is characterized by high effectiveness in the fight against stretch marks. The effect of regular use is:

Reduced visibility of stretch marks

Ingredients contained in the product stimulate collagen synthesis and support the process of brightening discolorations, making stretch marks less visible.

Reduced risk of new stretch marks

Thanks to regular moisturizing and enrichment with appropriate vitamins, the skin becomes resistant to new damage.

Firmed and smoothed skin

The oils in the product regenerate the epidermis and significantly improve the skin's elasticity.

Deeply moisturized

The Aloe Vera contained in the product intensively moisturizes the skin and strengthens its natural defense mechanisms.

What ingredients make upRevamin Stretch Mark?

Revamin Stretch Mark is a product created 100% from the highest quality natural ingredients, which effectively improve the appearanceof your skin.



Making money from fiverr


Fiverr is one of the most famous platform of freelancing , from this site you can earn a lot of money , actually you can turn it to a real job , you can work on different things like designing or making videos or maybe translation and so many other things , in fiverr you can sell anything you can do . .


What is a fiverr gig ?


As we said before in fiverr you can sell things you can do , for example if you can draw good you can sell this service on your page in fiverr and that what its called a gig .

As a beginner you will be able to post seven different gigs for example drawing , translation , creating stores . . . ect but if you do good and sell a lot of gigs you will become a pro fiverr seller and you will be able to post more gigs also you will be trusted more from the costumers . . .


Fiverr and the affiliate program


Selling gigs and services is not the only way to earn money from fiverr , they are a lot of other ways , and from that ways we fin the fiverr affiliate marketing program , you can register in that program and your job will be inviting people to register in the site , the register should be from a special link that fiverr will give you , and once some one sign n from your link you will get money , people get a lot of money this way , the one register can reach 125 dollars per person and that is great , also you can run ads on facebook or other social media platforms using your affiliate link and one someone register you will earn money also , and running ads is one of the things that we suggest you to do cause it will make you able to reach a lot of people and that means a lot of money . . .


Most services that sell on fiverr site


People sell different services on fiverr , and those services are different , for example if you do the copywriting service and you are expert at it , you will absolutely be able to make good money , or for example programming , programming a site could be sometimes more that 1000 dollars and that is good money , but if you are a beginner we suggest you to start with designing logos or writing essays .

From the things you can sell on fiverr site also we find the voice over gigs , and that is an easy thing to do actually , all you will need is a goof microphone and an empty room and you will be able to record professional voiceovers , people need this service a lot , it is actually one of the most selling gigs in fiverr site , youtuber buy this gig a lot also teacher and people who make educational courses . . .

Also you can start with the copywriting thing , if you write perfect in any language you can sell that too , you can write books or poems . .

If you love design you can make logos or invitation cards this gig is selling a lot too in the site 

In general , you can turn fiverr site to a real daily job , think about what you can do and simply turn it to a service and post it on our fiverr page ad start earn money today 


 Advcash: a euro dollar bank card linked to your Bitcoin

Company Profile Advance Cash

Known as AdvCash, Advanced Cash is known as an electronic wallet that makes it easy to handle money online. Similar to AlertPay and PayPal, Advanced Cash differentiates itself from other online processors with the ability to exchange bitcoins for euros, dollars, pounds and even rubles (the currency of Russia).

Once users store the change in their AdvCash account, they can spend it on purchasing goods and services online and on purchasing a prepaid card compatible with MasterCard and VISA.

About the AdvCash platform

Of Russian origin, it was launched in 2014, with its headquarters in Belize. Advanced Cash is owned by WaveCrest Holdings Limited, one of the largest online payment service providers in the world.

This company has more than 20 years of experience in the world of electronic payments and international finance. To prove its seriousness, the company has published two licenses on its online platform licensed by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize. These licenses relate to payment processing and international money transfer.

Click here to discover Advcash

Advcash fee

Advanced Cash offers affordable rates on its platform. For internal transfers and account loading via bank transfer, there are no applicable fees. If you use processors like Payeer, OKPAY, and PerfectMoney, the upload fee ranges from 0.5% to 4.95%.

If you use the AdvCash MasterCard to make purchases online at merchants (Leader Price, Carrefour, Auchan, etc.) then no payment fees will apply. The $ 0.99 / € rate applies when loading your MasterCard with your AdvCash balance. Each ATM withdrawal includes a fee of 1.99 €.

Advantages of AdvCash

The registration process in Advcash is very easy and requires 3 or 4 steps.

This site offers two types of prepaid MasterCard cards: the physical card and the virtual card.

Uploading an account with AdvCash can be done by transferring WIFT / SEPA (intended for users residing in Europe).

AdvCash cards are sold at a reasonable price: the virtual card is sold at 1 € / $ and the physical card is 4.99 € / $, subject to the application being submitted within 7 days after registration (passing this period, the physical card goes to $ 14.99 or 17.99 €).

This online platform does not require any monthly and yearly maintenance fees

Bitcoin is accepted as a currency.

Like Neteller, the physical AdvCash card is sent from the UK, making it easy to deliver to Europe.

It is not necessary to verify your identity before performing basic operations.

The ability to make withdrawals at all outlets that accept Visa and MasterCard.

In terms of sponsorships, it instantly allows you to benefit from 20% of the volume of transactions made via referrals.

Click here to discover Advcash

AdvCash disadvantages

This electronic wizard does not have a smartphone app yet.

No information has been released about the company’s directors

There is a daily transaction limit for all users, even those who have been verified. An unverified user is allowed to make a deposit of a maximum of $ 500 per day and $ 2,500 per month, but a verified user is allowed to make transactions of a maximum of $ 3,000 per day. But hey, it's okay, that's still enough!

The site is in English (and Russian, not French)

Advanced Cash lists 50 countries that are banned from its use on its online platform.

However, some users in countries and countries in the United States, Africa and the Middle East are complaining that they cannot access the various offers.

The strongest animal bite .









The hippo animal is considered one of the strongest animals on earth because of the strong bite it possesses, as its bite measures about 120 kilograms, and the mouths of these animals are filled with teeth . Although the hippo is a plant-eating animal, it can attack animals  humans .


the jaguar

is a tiger and he have the second strongest bite among mammals, and it is one of the strongest bites compared to other big cats, his bite is enough to pierce a skull and brain, and tigers feed on preying animals by biting their head . .


the Gorilla


Gorilla has a strong bite of about 80 .000 kilograms, and the gorilla bite is considered strong because of the strength of the neck muscles, and the use of gorilla's jaws has been adapted to chew hard and strong plants . .


Crocodiles have the strongest bite


Crocodiles have the strongest bite ever among animals, as a recent study by the fossil biologist Gregory Erikson and his colleagues found that all 23 species of living crocodiles were used in a test to measure bite strength, and the results showed that the water crocodiles had reached the strength of their jaws .

the White shark

 The white shark is considered one of the most powerful animals that can attack humans because it is bloody, and it has strong and dangerous teeth that do not need additional force to tear prey because its barbed teeth possess a biting force of about 50 000 kilograms . .

Mastiff dogs


The mastiff dog is considered one of the largest dogs in the world, possessing a strong bite , the weight of this dog exceeds 90  kilograms, and these dogs have been used for fighting and entertainment since ancient times due to their large size and strong jaw . .



The most powerful predators !




The Great White Shark


The great white shark is in the first place in the list of the most powerful predators in the world ,  It is a very strong animal and  he is a skilled swimmer who can jump quickly from the water To surprise his prey .

This animal have rows of sharp teeth that are distinguished by their ability to grow again if they fall, and scientists estimate the number of teeth that have sprouted to him during his life by more than 50 thousand Where the white shark attacks its prey with one quick and swift bite with its strong jaws, and then waits until the prey weakens, affected by the wound it has suffered . .


The lion  

lions comes in  the second place in the list of the most powerful animals on earth , their strength lies in the hunting method that they adopt, which is Team hunting means that Lions are a very  social animals that live within a herd , and they practice collective hunting, so that each member of the team performs his role to the fullest. Therefore, lions begin to teach the cubs different hunting skills early on through playing, and despite the effectiveness of the method used by lions to hunt, they succeed in their task once out of every five attempts, and this loss is compensated for by the large size of prey.


 Killer whale


as its name suggests this fish is a well-deserved predator It combines physical ability and great skill in hunting What makes him one of the most diverse predators that live in water in his diet, and killer whales are distinguished by their reliance on collective hunting and their use of ingenious hunting strategies, as they surround the ice blocks on which penguins or seals stand, and knock the piece of ice Until its prey falls into the water, and then hastens to devour it, as it can overtake the animal that occupies the first place in our list, namely the great white shark And that's when you attack him in large numbers.



 The Grizzly bear

It named too the brown bear and he is a very huge predator weighs more than 900 pounds and he can reaches seven feet in length, and has strong limbs and claws so sharp that it can kill a man with one blow, in addition to His strong jaws, and his great speed in running, which may reach 50 miles per hour, in addition to his skill in swimming, and specialists often advise who wanders in the wilderness with one advice that may be the reason for his survival if he encountered a gray bear on his way, and is resisting, Stand still without making the slightest movement.

Animals that may disappear soon from earth.


Our Planet is very rich with different kinds of animals , some of those animals are present in large numbers in our world , and some others are threatened with extinction and annihilation , and for more information you have to know that  more than seven hundred and twenty types of animals threatened with extinction around our  world , and the big part of these animals are found in the tropics and developing countries , and unfortunately there are many animals that It became extinct before zoologists even discover it witch is very sad . .


different reasons for the extinction of some animals


There are so many reasons behind the extinction of animals on earth , for example the climate changes that play a big role in that and it made a lot of kinds of animals disappeared , also we find the inability of these animals to adapt to the new atmosphere also some of them cannot adapt to predation and competition relationships and that also may be one of the most important reasons for their exposure to extinction , also a big problem that lead to extinction of animals is the human intervention is considered Passive hunting or logging or urban encroachment is one of the most important reasons behind the extinction of some types of animals . .


The most famous animal threatened with extinction


The Kiwi bird

The kiwi bird is actually one of the most beautiful birds on earth and it is threatened with extinction , the kiwi is one of the important animal in the New Zealand country , it is the animal that symbolizes it and expresses its nationality , and actually new aeeland is the origin of the kiwi bird , that bird is a non-flying animal cause he have no wing but he have a very long and strong feet , which helps that bird to quickly run and escape dangerous places , it is actually  the only thing it have to defend his self, he also  so beautiful and have a soft feathers cover his body . .

the female kiwi bird  lays her eggs in the nests hidden among the herbs as any other kind of birds , and the male kiwi is the one who takes care of the eggs and lies on them for a period of time . . .




The Flying Fox

Only few people have an idea about this animal and he is too one of the kinds that may disappear forever from our world , It is considered one of the animals endangered , and in all our planet now  there are only seventy live animals of flying fox and that is so bad , this animal origins found on the island of Rodriguez in the Indian Ocean . .


The Jungle turtle


Yes believe it or not but that kind of turtles too may disappear forever from earth , They are considered one of the animals threatened with extinction too and people don’t realize that , for information after the process of logging forests increased in their environment  there are only a thousand of jungle turtles in the slopes of the Andes in Colombia . .

Most famous types of birds !



So many people in the world love birds and raise them at home, and there are so many  kinds of birds  , and   If you are one of those people who think about raising a bird but have no idea witch one to choose or you just want information about them. , in our topic today we will talk about different types of them . .


The Habits of birds

There are so habits of birds that make them special and unique from other animals, Among these habits we find :

-         The Tweeting, only birds make this sound in order to attract female birds for mating , you will notice that some kind of birds have a disturbing tweet voice , but if it is about mating they will try their best to make them soft and not disturbing . .

-         Spinning is a habit that birds do too , especially from the ones that have a long feathers with beautiful colors for example as the peacock he try to folds his feathers in the form of a fan in order to attract female peacocks . .


-         Giving Gifts , believing or not but not only humans give gifts to each other but birds do too , we find that the male birds keep giving  gifts to the female ones and that by bringing them food all day , and most of the time  the female bird eats the food directly from the other bird beak , or for example sometimes the birds keep bringing sticks together all day in order to start  the building of their nest . .


-         It is a kind of Friendship for birds  and it comes before mating and it’s the period which the female and male birds get to know each other in order to  know that they choose the right pair for them selves .



The Bird species

Like we sais earlier, there are more than ten thousand species of birds or maybe even more than that , some of those kinds can not fly despite the presence of wings and feathers but they still birds , for example the ostriches, the kiwis, or penguins, and other ones , and we will talk about some types of birds . .


-         The Goldfinch: It belongs actually from  finches family , and it feats  insects and grains they are actually their preferred food . they have a head in black, its body is so  dark too  , its beak is solid, and its beak has red edges . . this kind of birds  lives usually in forests or wide  gardens . .

-         The Swan: The swan have a very large body and small-range legs . . It feeds on insects and grains too and this bird tends to live in warm areas . . the swans walk so slow have slow but when it comes to flying they have the ability to fly so  easily . .

-         The Peacock: it is one of the most famous birds , the researches showed that the peacock origins is from brazil or America but others said its an asian bird , This bird is characterized by his big beauty he have a very long feathers and has bright and attractive colors . .


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